About Akanda National Park and the Cost of Safari Packages.

Akanda National Park is a protected area situated in the northwest of Gabon, on the Atlantic coast. It covers an area of 540 square kilometers and was established in 2002. The park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including forest elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills, and many species of birds and reptiles.

One of the most striking features of Akanda National Park is the presence of the mangrove swamp forest, which covers over 100 square kilometers of the park. This ecosystem is home to numerous species of fish, crabs, and other marine life, making it an important breeding ground for many aquatic species.

Tourists can explore the park by boat or on foot, with several guided tours available. There are also several campsites located within the park, offering visitors the opportunity to stay overnight and experience the park's wilderness up close.

Akanda National Park is an important conservation area, protecting a unique and valuable ecosystem. It is also an important source of income for the local community, with ecotourism providing jobs and economic opportunities for the region.

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