About Aberdare National Park and the Cost of Safari Packages.

Take a step into the stunningly beautiful Aberdare National Park, located in Kenya and home to some of the most breathtaking wildlife and landscapes. Explore the park through vivid images that capture its lush vegetation, diverse species, and stunning vistas.

What to Expect in Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare National Park is a special place full of lush vegetation, varied wildlife, and dramatic landscapes. Enjoy magnificent views of the vast savannahs, open grasslands, and towering mountains. Watch for an abundance of animals including elephants, zebra, rhinos, buffalo, hippopotami and more! Witness spectacular scenes as the sun sets over the rolling hills in the evening sky.

Capturing the Animals of Aberdare National Park.

Visit Aberdare National Park to witness the wildlife that makes this reserve so unique. A variety of animals inhabit the area, providing ample opportunity for wildlife photography. Get up close and personal with elephants, zebra, rhinos, buffalo and more! If youíre lucky, you may even spot some elusive cats such as leopards or wild dogs. Capture the beauty and power of Africa's mighty mammals with photographs sure to be a treasured memory for years to come.

Getting to Know the Unique Landscape of Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare National Park is a world of contrasts - thick forests, open moors, mountain peaks, rivers, and waterfalls make up the unique landscape. Explore the ruggedly beautiful terrain while scouting out surreal spots to take incredible shots. Experience there is a signature mountaineer's climb at Ol Doinyo Lesatima (the Long Mountain) offering breathtaking panoramic views from its summit. Capture the stunning beauty of Aberdare National park from up high to create your own professional images with amazing African backdrops!

Photographing Unique Flora and Fauna Found in Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare National Park is a haven for wildlife, boasting of diverse flora and fauna within its eco-system. When photographing at Aberdare National Park, be prepared to capture some magnificent shots of the animals like elephants, buffalo, black rhinos, leopards and various bird species that inhabit the park. Additionally the forests are bursting with many rare plant species such as Bamboo and East African Sand Forest. With an abundance of photogenic subjects in one place, itís easy to see why this Kenyan reserve should be on every photographer's bucket list!

Our Top 5 Picture Spots for a Perfect Shot of Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park provides the perfect backdrop for taking stunning photos. Whether youíre an amateur photographer, or a professional photographer looking to capture some breathtaking images, here are our top five picture spots around Aberdare National Park to help you get that perfect shot: The Elephant Waterfall, Astrome View Point, Mwea Plains Marshland, Karura Forest Path and Kanjo View Point. Each of these locations offers a unique perspective into the wonders of Aberdare National Park and will surely reward the keen eye looking for beautiful views.

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