3-Day Harar Ethiopia Tour

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This safari starts from Addis Ababa . 3

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3-Day Harar Ethiopia Tour starting from Addis Ababa - cost: $440

Type of Safari

Shared tour Hotel

Destinations to be visited

Addis Ababa , Dire Dawa , Harar

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Introduction to this 3-Day Harar Ethiopia Tour

This is a 3-Day Harar Ethiopia Tour covering Addis Ababa , Dire Dawa , Harar at a cost of $440. Below is the best Itinerary that helps you explore these destinations on a safari starting from Addis Ababa.

Day 1: Addis Ababa - Dire Dawa - Harar
- Early morning flight from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa
- Upon arrival in Dire Dawa, drive to Harar (1 hour drive)
- Check-in at the hotel and have lunch
- Visit the Harar city walls and gates
- Visit the Harar Cultural Center and the Harari Museum
- Walk through the narrow alleyways of the old town and visit the traditional houses
- Attend the Hyena Feeding Ceremony at night (optional)
Day 2: Harar
- After breakfast, visit the Harar market and the coffee shops
- Visit the Harar Jugol, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fourth-holiest city of Islam
- Visit the Tomb of Sheikh Abadir and the Harar mosques
- Visit the Harari Women's Centre and learn about the traditional weaving and embroidery techniques
- Enjoy a traditional Harari lunch
- In the afternoon, visit the Harar breweries and taste the local beer
Day 3: Harar - Dire Dawa - Addis Ababa
- After breakfast, drive back to Dire Dawa
- Visit the Dire Dawa market and the railway station
- Have lunch at a local restaurant
- Visit the Dire Dawa National Museum and learn about the local history and culture
- Take the evening flight back to Addis Ababa
Note: This itinerary can be customized to fit your preferences and interests. Contact a local tour operator for more information.



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Cost: $440
3-Day Harar Ethiopia Tour
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