1-Day Excursion to Debre Libanos

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This safari starts from Addis Ababa . 3

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1-Day Excursion to Debre Libanos starting from Addis Ababa - cost: $116

Type of Safari

Day tourShared tour

Destinations to be visited

Addis Ababa , Debre Libanos

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Introduction to this 1-Day Excursion to Debre Libanos

This is a 1-Day Excursion to Debre Libanos covering Addis Ababa , Debre Libanos at a cost of $116. Below is the best Itinerary that helps you explore these destinations on a safari starting from Addis Ababa.

and surrounding areas:
8:00 AM - Depart from Addis Ababa and head to Debre Libanos, located approximately 100 km north of the city.
10:00 AM - Arrive at Debre Libanos and visit the historic Debre Libanos Monastery, founded in the 13th century by Saint Tekle Haymanot. Explore the ancient church, the underground cave where Saint Tekle Haymanot is said to have meditated for many years, and the beautiful surrounding scenery.
12:00 PM - Enjoy a traditional Ethiopian lunch at a local restaurant in Debre Libanos.
1:00 PM - Visit the Portuguese Bridge, a historic landmark that dates back to the 16th century, and the Jemma River Gorge, a stunning natural wonder with breathtaking views.
3:00 PM - Visit the nearby Gefersa Reservoir, a man-made lake that supplies water to Addis Ababa. Take a boat ride to explore the lake and its beautiful surroundings.
5:00 PM - Return to Addis Ababa and drop off at your hotel or preferred location.
This one day excursion to Debre Libanos is a perfect way to experience the rich history and natural beauty of Ethiopia, all in one day.



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