Cameroon Tourist Destinations and tour packages

Planning an unforgettable journey to Cameroon? From safari through the savannah to bustling cities, tours in Cameroon offer a diverse range of experiences sure to enchant and delight travelers of all ages. Whether youíre looking for a peaceful excursion or an exciting adventure, come explore what this vibrant African nation has to offer.

Research the Countryís Culture and Customs.

Before arriving in Cameroon, get familiar with the countryís culture and customs. Learn about Cameroonís various ethnic groups and their unique traditions, as each may have their own way of doing things. It is a sign of respect to inquire about local customs before visiting an area so you can show courtesy during your travels. Remember to dress modestly in public and be open-minded while exploring different cultures!

Check Your Vaccination Requirements.

You will need to check the recommended vaccinations for Cameroon before travelling. Some of these include tetanus, hepatitis A and B, Polio, Rabies, and yellow fever. Be sure to get vaccinated as far in advance as possible according to your personal schedule. Also look into getting travel insurance that covers any medical expenses you might incur while away.

Choose Where You'd Like to Explore.

When planning your tour in Cameroon, decide which locations you'd like to explore. While the major cities of Yaounde, Douala, and Bafoussam offer a variety of sightseeing possibilities, travelling to small towns such as Foulassi or Bouba Ndjida can provide a unique cultural experience. You can also visit national parks such as Waza Park and Benoue National Park for breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife species, and great opportunities to observe the diverse culture of the country.

Plan How to Get Around in Cameroon.

Cameroon's transportation infrastructure is vast and varied. Public transport is available in major cities and along many routes leading to rural areas, while private buses are the most comfortable way to get around in between towns and villages. If youíre planning on travelling to more remote areas, itís recommended that you arrange a hire car with driver as public transport can be unreliable in these locations. Your travel agent or tour guide should be able to help you with this if needed.

Book Accommodation Ahead of Time.

Accommodation in Cameroon ranges from budget-friendly hotels and campgrounds to luxurious villas. Booking your accommodations ahead of time can help you find the ideal place for your stay, at a price thatís right for your budget. Do some research online or talk to a knowledgeable local agent who can connect you with all the best places to stay throughout Cameroon.

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