American Samoa Tourist Destinations and tour packages


Have you been thinking about visiting the unspoiled paradise of American Samoa? From its sandy beaches to its stunning national parks, there's something for everyone. Check out this guide which highlights some of the top activities and attractions so that you can plan your trip today!

National Park of American Samoa.

The National Park of American Samoa spans three islands and is home to some of the most stunning landscapes. From white sand beaches to soaring volcanic ridges, you will find plenty of amazing views. You can go snorkeling at Ofu Beach, hike to the Vatia Rainforest Waterfall, or even spot some Samoan Flying Foxes during your trip.

Pago Pago Harbor.

The beautiful and historic Pago Pago Harbor is a natural deepwater harbor located on Tutuila Island. From here, you can admire the incredible landscape of American Samoa as well as take part in recreational activities such as small boat cruises and fishing trips. Don't forget to visit the Massacre Bay Monument which celebrates the US Navy victory over the German forces during World War II

Tutuila Island.

Explore the breathtaking and pristine harbor of Pago Pago, Tutuila Island's largest and most developed shipping port. With views of crystal clear waters and colorful scenery, you can take advantage of a range of recreational activities, from small boat cruises to fishing trips around the island – perfect for making unforgettable memories.

Ofu Island Beaches.

Ofu Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in American Samoa, from the rocky and wild ‘Seagull Beach’ to the serene and sand-filled Olosega Beach. These magical beaches offer stunning views of various islands in the south pacific ocean, with breathtaking sunsets that will amaze you. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, look no further than Ofu Island – it’s a must visit spot for any bucket list traveler.

The Ros Druma Waterfall Trail Hike.

The Ros Druma Waterfall Trail is a moderate, 1-mile hike in American Samoa. It takes you through jungle terrain and offers stunning views of a cascading 50 foot waterfall as you reach the end. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful indigenous animals and plants as well as spectacular ocean views. For those looking for an adventure away from the beach, this trail delivers with spectacular photo ops found no where else.

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