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Algeria is a fascinating country with a vast array of activities, sights, and experiences. From the ancient ruins of Timgad and Tipasa to lush green oases in the Sahara desert, Algeria has something for everyone. Whether you're visiting for a beach holiday or an exploration of its rich culture and history, come and explore this vibrant nation with our travel guide!

Places to Visit.

Algeria is home to vast array of diverse places for travelers to explore including ancient towns, coastal resorts, historical sites, rugged mountains and endless horizon of desert. One of the highlights is the capital city Algiers, with its beautiful French Colonial architecture in the Medina quarter, Cafés Beaulieu on Place des Martyr and La Casbah. Other must-see destinations are Constantine, where you can find Byzantine ruins in the Kopard valley; Tipasa, with its exquisite Roman ruins; and Timgad in the Aures Mountains which contains a Roman coliseum. With so many amazing sights waiting to be explored why not come and discover the beauty of Algeria?

Important Sites and Attractions.

As you explore the country there are a number of important sites and attractions which should not be missed. In Algiers, the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography has an amazing collection of antiquities from across Algeria’s different periods in history. The Mosaic of Apuleius displays magnificent floor mosaics and is located at Tipasa near the ruins where you can explore further. Finally, the Anauran Kasbah is considered as one of Algeria's most impressive Islamic monuments with exquisitely detailed tilework, stone carvings and courtyards to explore. By learning about these important cultural sites, tourists will gain a deeper understanding of this special place.

Shopping and Cuisine Experiences.

Algeria is home to many unique souvenir items and local foods to try. Souvenir hunting can lead to some great bargains, such as handmade jewelry and carpets. The country has some of the tastiest street food around, including shawarma with Algerian-style hummus, huffa – wheat porridge topped with honey and butter – and couscous, served with a variety of meats. These dishes make great additions to any tour in Algeria!

Cultural Complementary Activities in Algeria

Algeria's compelling history, diverse culture and a number of interesting sites make exploring its attractions an unmissable adventure. Touring the country with a local guide grants insight into the customs and history. From experiencing traditional music and dance, to learning about progressive developments in technology, there is something for everyone! Guests can dip their toes into the vibrant art scene in Oran or take part in religious pilgrimages to tombs and shrines throughout Algeria. A variety of cultural complementary activities make visiting this fascinating country even more enjoyable.

Travel Tips and Safety Precautions.

While exploring the unique beauty of Algeria, it is important to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. It is recommended to research each destination's rules and regulations before your arrival. If you are travelling in a group, always stay together and look out for one another. Protect yourself from potential harm by following general advice, such as not walking alone at night and avoiding unfamiliar areas with limited people or resources. Additionally, be mindful of current safety updates surrounding your destination and ensure you keep within the law throughout your journey!

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