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Afghanistan has a tumultuous history, but it is also home to spectacular sights and vibrant culture. From ancient citadels to bustling bazaars, stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and more, Afghanistan has plenty of attractions for tourists prepared to take the plunge.

Learn About the Ancient City of Bagram.

Bagram, located in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan, is one of the oldest cities on Earth with a history going back more than 4,000 years. The city is an archaeological treasure trove, with many monumental sites and ruins to explore; these include the ancient Citadel of Bagram, an 11th-century fortress built by Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi and various other historical sites.

Explore the Cultural Heritage Centers of Bamyan and Mazar-e Sharif.

Afghanistan is full of links to its cultural and spiritual heritage, with well-known UNESCO sites such as the Bamyan Buddha statues in the Bamyan Province, and the Blue Mosque in Mazar-e Sharif. Both of these locations provide visitors a chance to explore stunning ancient architecture while simultaneously absorbing a chunk of Afghan history. They offer a perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and learn more about Afghan history.

Wander Through Historic Ariana Markets in Kabul.

If you're looking for an authentic Afghan experience, then a visit to the Ariana Market in Kabul is a must. This ancient bazaar has been trading since the 12th century, and it's full of hustle and bustle as merchants traded goods from all over the world. The market provides visitors with an insight into Afghan culture, with everything from spices and antiques to carpets and jewelry on offer. Visitors can even haggle with traders to get their desired items at bargain prices!

Discover Local Cuisines at Street Cafes in Herat.

Herat is a vibrant city in western Afghanistan, and the best place for travelers to discover culinary delights and local flavors. Traditional delicacies like aromatic rice dishes, savory meat stews, and fresh baked bread are served in small cafes throughout the city. Visitors can cool off with sweetened drinks made from pomegranate juice and mint, or try a cup of freshly brewed Afghan tea, which is always served with a side of honey. The bustling streets of Herat combined with its unique cuisine will provide a memorable experience for all who visit.

Experience the Food and Music of Badakhshan Province.

Located in northeastern Afghanistan, the province of Badakhshan is home to a range of cultures and a variety of ethnicities. Here, visitors can experience the traditional cuisines and music from Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara communities. Mouth-watering dishes like kebab, dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves), and qabeli pulao (mutton pilaf) are often served with regional breads made from barley or wheat flour. Traditional music such as the rabab (fiddle) can be heard in teahouses throughout the province. A visit to Badakhshan will provide tourists with an authentic experience of rural life in Afghanistan.

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