Botswana Tourist Destinations and tour packages

From the vast Kalahari deserts to the lush Okavango Delta, Botswana offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all types of travelers. With so many incredible sights and activities to explore, we've narrowed it down to the top 10 destinations you must visit when in Botswana. From exquisite wildlife safaris to awe-inspiring landscapes, there's something for everyone here!

Take a Wildlife Safari.

Botswana is well known for its abundance of wildlife, making it the perfect place to take a safari. From lions, elephants and rhinos to giraffes and cheetahs, you can see an amazing variety of animals in their natural environment. Get up close and personal to observe these incredible creatures in their habitat, and you won't be disappointed. Be sure to book a knowledgeable guide beforehand so that you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Explore the Okavango Delta.

One of the most remarkable places to visit while in Botswana is the Okavango Delta. This 17,000 square kilometer wetland is a pristine wilderness area which is home to numerous species of wildlife and birds, as well as thousands of kilometers of channels and lagoons. Take a guided tour for an up-close look into this remote world and you will never forget this incredible experience. Canoeing, fishing and game drives are all activities that can be enjoyed here. Don't miss out on making memories at one of Africa's premier destinations!

Visit Moremi Game Reserve.

The Moremi Game Reserve is a must-see for any visitor to Botswana. Located on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, this wildlife sanctuary covers nearly 800 square kilometers and is brimming with wildlife such as lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, hippos and many more. With diverse terrain ranging from marshlands to dense bush and mopane woodland, you can experience the ultimate game drive experience here! Guided walks through this reserve are also a great way to appreciate the stunning landscape of Botswana.

Tour Chobe National Park.

Chobe National Park is located in the far northeast corner of Botswana and offers a thrilling game drive experience. With 70,000 elephants inhabiting this vast park, it's easy to understand why it is known as 'the land of the giants'. Well-known for its stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife and breathtaking sunsets, Chobe National Park is sure to wow visitors of all ages. You can also spot an array of other animals such as hippos, cape buffalo, antelopes and lion prides from your game drive vehicle or take a guided safari on one of the Chobe River's many boats.

Go Bird Watching in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park .

Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is the perfect spot for bird enthusiasts! Located just south of Chobe National Park, this national park covers over 3,900 square kilometers and contains a huge variety of birds. The grasslands in the park create a unique and picturesque backdrop, ideal for spotting larger birds such as ostriches, eagles, flamingos and pelicans. You can even choose to watch the birds by foot or on a 4X4 game drive right through the shallow waters of this stunning pans which also offer incredible visibility for visitors.

Best safari packages in Botswana

  1. 1-Day 1 Night Chobe Camping Safari at a cost: $400 pp
  2. 1-Day Backpackers Dream Mokoro Trip to Okavango Delta at a cost: $400 pp
  3. 1-Day Canoe/Mokoro Excursions at a cost: $124 to $130 pp
  4. 1-Day Chobe Game Drive Safari & Boat Cruise at a cost: $165 pp
  5. 1-Day Chobe National Park Safari at a cost: $170 pp
  6. 1-Day Chobe National Park Safari Tour from Vic Falls at a cost: $185 pp
  7. 1-Day Chobe NP Safari Experience at a cost: $160 to $175 pp
  8. 1-Day Chobe over Night Camping at a cost: $360 to $450 pp
  9. 1-Day Chobe Safari at a cost: $195 to $225 pp
  10. 1-Day Chobe Trip Botswana at a cost: $160 pp